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Benefits of a Home Inspection | Baltimore Real Estate


This is Helene and welcome to my blog

Today I’m coming at you with a on Monday video and blog.  This is a very popular and great question I get often. I am a buyer, what is the Benefit of a Home Inspection?  I’m going to answer that for you right now. I’m Helene and I am a 12 year real estate agent with Exp Realty in Baltimore Maryland.  I serve Baltimore and the surrounding areas. If you have not been to my Youtube channel, make sure to visit and subscribe.  If you subscribe, you are notified every Monday when I upload amazing and super helpful videos filled with information. 



You can watch the video below or keep reading. 

One of the popular questions I get, I get a ton, but one I get all the time is, “Do I need a home Inspection and what are the benefits?” Excellent question!! 

There are buyers buying new construction, resale and renovation homes

New construction has never been lived in, do I really need it?”  

Renovations have had a lot of work done and everything (or most things) is new, still worth it?” 

Resale homes have a seller living in it, must be ok, right?”

In my humble opinion, YES! It is strongly advised that you get Home Inspections for a home you’re considering purchasing.  Whatever category the home may fall into. 

While there are a ton of reasons to get a Home Inspection, I truly could write a book, there are 3 that stick out the most.  


While you’re shopping with your agent, you’re trying to gather as much info as you can about your family needs, decor and if the house fits.  Your agent is also trying to gather info and most likely sending you listings based on your criteria. You may even be receiving listings via email or text alerts also. But your Inspector is going to give you the most relevant and important information about the condition, safety and repair of the house. For example your Inspector is going to find out what is working, not working and not working properly, what’s working now but may not be working very soon, etc.  

That is important information that you need to know as a buyer, and here’s why.  Also my second reason for getting a home inspection. 


You’re paying attention to the home layout, space and other important cosmetic factors.  As well you should. Your Inspector, however, is paying attention to the condition and how it’s functioning. The inspector is going to let you know how the home is functioning.  Once you have the report back from the Home Inspector, this is your opportunity to ask for repairs from the seller.

Now, there are some exceptions to this.  In Maryland, if the home is being sold As-is, you absolutely should still get your home inspection.  After your home inspection you find that you are happy with the report, you can terminate the contract and receive your deposit back.  No questions asked. Again, only if it’s being sold as it. As-is means the seller is not doing any repairs. There are several reasons a seller may take this option. Be sure you know the status before writing an offer. 

Now, if this is a traditional sale, you can absolutely ask for repairs from the seller.  A couple of things to keep in mind. That repairs request list is not necessarily an opportunity to renegotiate the contract.  It is an opportunity for the seller, if they agree, to address some or all of your concerns from the home inspection requests. If the seller chooses to address any repair requests. Sellers are not obligated. Be sure to get clarity from your Realtor®


The third and last big reason is getting this makes buyers feel more confident in their decision to purchase the home.  Once you know the condition of the house, what you can take on, etc. You’re more comfortable. 

Hopefully that answers your question and if you have any additional questions or need more advice feel free to reach out to me.  Make sure you talk to your agent and to confirm how it works!

I’ll see you next Monday for some more great information.