Happy Seller + Happy Buyer = Happy Settlement!

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Happy Seller + Happy Buyer = Happy Settlement! Math We Love! ❤️
by Helene Kelbaugh

There is one more happy home owner in the world as of June 30th.  She is super excited and happy.  I'm super excited and happy for her as well.  This transaction was perfect from start to finish.  What makes a smooth transaction?  

What makes a great seller?

Excellent question.  I think everyone has a different definition of what makes a great seller.  People sell their homes for many, many reasons.  Some reasons are great and some reasons may not be so great.    But none the less, life happens to all of us, and our situations change.  

In my opinion, and after working with sellers and buyers for 8+ years, what makes a great seller is one who is clear on their goals and motivation.  When someone needs to sell a home they hire an agent and figure out what they need from the sale to complete their goal.  Their goal is the motivation or reason for moving and if it makes sense, the seller moves forward. Period.  Sellers who are "testing" the market or want to "see what happens" are not usually motivated.  Those are the sellers who are typically over priced and truly have no intention on considering any realistic offers or even negotiating lower offers that may come.  Not all lower offers are final.  Many buyers will try to get a deal and are usually flexible.  If the seller is priced right and the buyer is realistic, the deal can work.

What makes a seller even more awesome is when they have a great product!  A home that's move in ready, minimal to no repairs is a dream.  This makes a seller who is focused even more pleasurable to work with.  Plus the seller will get great results when the inspections come in.  When I'm working with the seller, one of the questions I ask is "Tell me what you have been meaning to get to fix in the house but just haven't had the time or resources?"  Every house needs something no matter how pretty it is.  If we address the issues before it's listed, that's one less hurdle.  Not only that, a repair is less expensive to fix now than it is to negotiate!  Trust me!

No the next question is... 

What makes a great buyer?

I think everyone has a different definition of a great buyer as well.  A great buyer is a great listener.  A buyer who knows what they can afford by getting approved before shopping and learning the process by meeting with a REALTOR is setting themselves up for a great transaction.   Some people have their life planned out and know what they want, when they want and how.  But most don't.  Some may spontaneously decide to buy and some may need to buy and these buyers just don't know where to begin.  The internet is ok, but there is so much misinformation that may or may not be applicable, it can get way confusing and overwhelming.  

Visiting open houses in neighborhoods you may want to live in or wish you could live in is also not the most productive way to shop.  A colleague of mine explained it like this.  When you go to the grocery store and load up your cart with food, do you leave your wallet home?  With no clue as to what's in your cart? Of course not!  You have a budget and have some thought process as to how much you can or want to spend.  However that theory sometimes goes out the window when there is so much excitement behind the process of buying.  I totally get it.  For most people it's a new wonderful experience that has so much promise and is usually the start of something amazing. 

On top of this there are so many types of loan products and grants that you may be eligible for and could be missing out.  On the same token, not all loans are appropriate for all houses.  For example if you want a super low priced fixer upper with mold and leaks and missing handrails, there is is 99% chance you won't be able to use FHA or VA financing.  But most buyer aren't aware of this until meeting with an agent who can help guide through the process. 

Meet with your REALTOR and get approved first.

What makes great agents?

Last but not least, what makes a great agent?  I think this one to can bring a lot of thoughts and opinions to the table.  In my opinion, a great agent is a great listener.  In a world of constant communication, endless emails, text messages, calls and people talking at us it's easy just to keep talking and tune everything out.  Listening to our clients is the key finding out what our clients want.  Be it buyer or seller, listening and asking great questions for clarification is the way to target and completed the goals of your client.  

Every client, buyer or seller, is different.  No two situation are the same.  Everyone has a story that will have a different ending.  Making the ending a reality as smooth and seamless as possible make a great agent.

Most of my business is referral from past clients or from clients who find me online.  Being a techie agent, I'm everywhere :)

Thinking about buying a home?  Or, thinking about selling a home?

Give me a call, email or text.  I'd be happy to listen to your goals and help you meet them.