How The Election Has Affected Baltimore Home Value

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How The Election Affected Baltimore Home Values 

Believe it or not ladies and gentlemen, this is a super hot topic right now. How will the election affect the value of my home in Baltimore? In all honesty, it doesn’t matter if you were Team Hillary or Team Trump, this election will be one for the history books!

The most common question I’m getting right now is with an election and events that have just happened in America, can it affect the prices of homes? After researching home values, following trends, my answer is maybe, but not the way you may thinking.

Baltimore Market Stats (Canton)


I did some research in the multiple list in our listing database, MRIS (Maryland Regional Information Systems).  Guess what? The data tells us that home prices can actually continue to increase during the election years. If it’s a non election year, the home prices may increase faster.  So, if you currently own a home and are thinking about selling or decide to sell, you could see an increase in home prices during the election year, but not as fast if it’s a non election year.

You may be wondering why? Check it out! A spokesperson for the, Walter Molony, National Association of Realtors has stated,  “We’ve observed no correlation between levels of home sales and an election year. The market responds to a wide range of economic factors, including jobs, interest rates and consumer confidence.”

Now you know if the National Association of Realtors does not see a correlation between house prices and election years but data shows otherwise, we are wondering what the heck is going on?  One thought could be is that during election years, Americans are stressed and uncertain about what can arise out of the election and their future.  If there is uncertainty, some people may not be as likely to take on a large ticket item like buying a home.  The good news is for homeowners is that once the election is over and things return back to normal, the uncertainty goes away and home prices go back up and at an even faster pace.  

So after reading this article, what does this exactly mean for you, if you are a homebuyer or homeseller?  If are considering buying a home let's considering discussing strategy.  Uncertainty during this time is understandable with the election.  However, the data shows home prices continue to rise even faster after the election. It’s possible interest rates could continue go up to.  Rates are still historically low right. However, your best plan of attack would be to take advantage of the lower home prices right now.  

If you are unsure about selling your home, let's discuss the possibility now. Most of my business is referral.  I enjoying helping clients plan and execute their goals for selling.  If it’s not the right time to list your home, I’ll make that recommendation and if it is the right time, I’ll make that recommendation as well.  Your goals and best interest are my priority.

Whether you are buying or selling, now or later, let's chat and figure out a game plan to ensure a successful purchase or sale.


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