The Home Buying & Closing Process Timeline Part 1

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The Home Buying & Closing Process Timeline - Series Part 1 - Meet with a Realtor | Helene Kelbaugh of eXp Realty



This will be a multi part series. In this home buying process timeline series I break down the home buying process into several videos to better help you understand the steps and why. 

This is similar to my home buyer consultation. The biggest difference is I spend a lot of time upfront with my clients. I ask questions and dig deep to learn about their goals and needs. The more I understand about my clients the Al more smooth this process is.

The home buying process can seem complicated and overwhelming at first glance. Throw in trying to research and looking up what you need to do and financing by yourself without knowing what’s applicable to you, some people decide not to even take the next step.

This first video in the video series will discuss the first step. Meeting with a Realtor and why it’s important.

Make sure you watch each video in the series. 

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