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Who Pays Realtor Fees? | Baltimore Real Estate

by Helene Kelbaugh, REALTOR® Exp Realty


Today I’m coming at you with a video and blog.  This is a very popular and great question I get often.


"I am a buyer, so pays for the real estate agent?"  I’m going to answer that for you right now. I’m Helene and I am a 12 year real estate agent with Exp Realty in Baltimore Maryland.  I serve Baltimore and the surrounding areas. If you have not been to my Youtube channel, make sure that visit My Youtube Channel and subscribe.  If you subscribe, you are notified every Monday when I upload amazing and super helpful videos filled with information.  


If you would rather watch the video you can do that here or just continue reading! 


Let’s take a look at this questions from the Buyer’s perspective.   If you’re a buyer and you need an agent, typically the seller(s) pays for your Buyer agent.  Essentially were are free for you to use and provide advice, knowledge, support and everything from start to finish and after for free!  How cool is that?

Now let’s say you’re a seller and you may even be a buyer who is also a seller.   The seller pays for the listing agent.  So you get all those professional services and assistance with your seller agent. The sellers agent also will pay for a buyer agent if there is a buyer agent involved on the other side of the purchase.   

Hopefully that answers your question and if you have any additional questions or need more advice feel free to reach out to me.  Make sure you talk to your agent and to confirm how it all works!

I’ll see you next Monday for some more great information.



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